Why holidays?

I struggle with this question nearly every year. I was raised religious, so holidays were typically a time of worship. But after I left religion, I struggled to define my relationship to holidays. We’re traveling to visit my family in California for Christmas. This week, I’ve been getting the Holiday Scaries – the anxiety aroundContinue reading “Why holidays?”

Thanksgiving Toast

For a Friendsgiving celebration I attended last weekend, I wrote a toast (or a blessing, or a spell) to be said in lieu of a prayer before the meal.

All Too Well…

Taylor Swift has re-released Red. I’ve been listening to it this morning and flashing back to when she last released this album. 2012. 2012 was a pivotal year for me – In the fall, when Red came out, I was in Chicago for the first time interning at Obama’s election headquarters. I remember listening toContinue reading “All Too Well…”

Learning to Say No

I like to say yes. When someone asks me to do something, my yes is almost automatic. I’m really good at the word yes. While agreeing to help with a favor or do something for you initially seems selfless, what I’m realizing is that saying yes when I should have said no is actually comingContinue reading “Learning to Say No”

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