Day 1 – Lima

Yesterday I spent my first full day here in Peru. It started at 4 am when I finally landed after hours of airport delays, fuel leaks, and plane changes. I received my first passport stamp and have been warned they are addictive.

Joe came to the airport and we took a taxi to our hostel. I didn’t realize how quiet and relaxed that ride was until I got in another taxi the next day.

After a few hours of sleep and some breakfast we headed out to Plaza de San Martin. Traffic lights and lines are more suggestions than laws, but drivers seem to know exactly what’s going on in the organized chaos and get you where you’re going rather quickly.

As we wandered Lima, parts of it reminded me of Chicago while other parts reminded me of Downtown Los Angeles.

However, the history and grandiosity of the churches I have never seen before. They were huge and full of intricate wood carvings and statues. The young boy who was way more interested in his Avenger’s lunchbox than they gorgeous architecture around him did look familiar, however. A few blocks on, I saw a young boy play with a Spider-Man action figure in a store window, reminding me of another little boy I know from back home.

As I walked around Lima, I found myself in a balance of familiar and unfamiliar. At times my high school Spanish came out easily and other times I had no idea what someone was saying to me. I road the waves of comfort and discomfort as best I could, dropping into bed exhausted, full, and already looking forward to the next day.

Plaza de San Martin






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