Yesterday we spent the day in Nasca. It’s a cute little tourist town all concentrated on one thing: the Nasca Lines.

The Nasca Lines are these huge designs in the desert created by the Nasca people. They include geometric shapes as well as pictures of a whale, spider, humming bird, monkey, condor, and much much more. They are so huge, the only way to see them is by flying over them, which is what we did.

The lines were made by removing a top layer of dark dirt to allow for the lighter dirt underneath to show. They would then line the shapes with rocks.

No one is really sure why the lines are there or their meaning. We heard 3 different explanations yesterday alone. Some think it has to do with water, others with the stars, and some say it was to talk to gods. Like Stonehenge, they’re meaning is an unexplainable mystery.

Meaning aside, they are gorgeous pieces of artwork. I had a hard time getting a good picture from the little plane but here’s some to try and show what we saw.





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