Amazon Lovin’

Even though my introduction to the jungle was a little bit rocky, I LOVED it there. It is beautiful. There were butterflies everywhere (along with other bugs, but we ignored those), everything was just green and the people were so kind and laid back.

The first few days were spent reading, sleeping, and doing yoga in our jungle bungalow. Then, we moved to Yakari, where we zip lined, walked rope bridges through trees, and kayaked. I did all those things!!

I’m just comfortable here. I don’t know what most of the guides are saying, especially when they use English, but it’s fun to just go along with it all.

The next day rained. A lot. You can’t really complain when you’re in the rainforest.

We went on what would have been an easy walk through the jungle, but became a long game of hopscotch through the mud. We then boarded a canoe and floated around on a gorgeous lake. We stopped for lunch and the rain stopped as well, which was great because then the monkeys came out to eat! I’d been wanting to see wild monkeys the whole time and was seriously satisfied. Unfortunately I didn’t get great pictures, but the flash of red in the bushes is one!

My favorite part was a nature walk in the dark. The guide enjoyed showing us the largest spiders, ants, and other creepy crawlers he could find. My favorite part, however, was the end. We came across a gigantic tree, probably ten feet across in some parts. He told us to turn off our flashlights and the whole area lit up with fireflies. The indiginous people believed these trees were holy spirits that could help with difficulty, and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t really understand.

As I stood in the jungle near this tree surrounded by fireflies, I felt connected to the spirit of the jungle. I felt connected to its history, plants, animals, and creepy crawlers. That space was truly majestic.








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