I Want to Blog

I used to blog – I wrote about politics, my beliefs, my travels, my thoughts, my feelings. I thought I would “be a writer”. I’ve always written – most of it in journals that I would rather burn than allow to be seen, a bit of it online. It’s how I’ve gotten my feelings out.

I’ve always had a lot of feelings. The stories of my feelings predate my memories of them. My infamous tantrums make great family stories now. And though the tantrums did eventually stop (mostly), the feelings never did. I just learned to mange them – mostly through writing.

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of feelings that have started to feel unmanageable. And they don’t seem to just be my feelings. It seems like everyone is having a lot of feelings. The pandemic, politics, social media, elections, quarantines – it’s left us all with so many FEELINGS. I recognize it online, in movies, tv shows, conversations with friends. All the feelings are getting overwhelming. So now I want to do what I always do, and I’ll blog.

You won’t find a lot of my old blogs here, because they never lasted long. I used this site years ago to blog about a trip to Peru (amongst other things). I’ll leave those posts there for now. I could never sustain a long-term blog, and this time might not be any different. This may end up being my only new post. But for now, for today, I want to blog. That’s what I’m feeling.

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