Let me just say…

I’ve been trying to determine a title for my blog and the phrase that keeps floating around my head is, “Let me just say…” It’s a phrase I tend to use a lot – at work, in relationships, etc. I’m an opinionated person but I also recognize that I can’t force people to listen or agree with me – sometimes I just need to say something because I need to say it.

I used to think I could explain away everything. If I could get the person I was talking to to only listen, then they would understand where I was coming from and do what I wanted. If I could reach the magic formula to say the right thing in the right way, it would work.

After years of this, I learned that arguments do not change people’s minds. People are emotional more than they are logical. Debates are often futile.

But then I swung the other way, and kept very quiet, keeping all of my thoughts and opinions to myself. No one would listen anyway. But then I would get incredibly frustrated and sometimes physically ill from never speaking my mind. Keeping it all in isn’t good either.

So now I’m trying to strike a balance. All we can really get do is maybe reach a level of empathy and understanding in a conversation. And sometimes you just need to speak your piece with the awareness that it might not do any good. But to speak out is for you. So please, let me just say what I need to say. Take it or leave it.

I think this is what this blog is going to be. I can’t force anyone to read, to agree, to find common ground. I’m not trying, for once, to change anyone’s opinion. I just have a lot of thoughts and feelings and carrying around with me and I need to let it out. So let me just say… anything.

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